Grandmothers are known for their unconditional love. Sometimes, it takes the form of endless cooking and making sure they are overfed to the point of discomfort. Sometimes, it comes disguised as our mothers getting scolded for being too harsh with us, too often. Sometimes, it’s passed down in the form of precious vintage heirlooms. Sometimes, it surfaces as old tales, told at night, with countless lessons secretly folded between fiction. Sometimes, it’s expressed in the form of undying hugs, a handful of forcefully fed soaked almonds, a glass of hot milk and home made sweet delicacies like greasy vermicelli. But most of all, it takes the form of their soft, delicate fingers, gently massaging our brittle, dry and luster less hair with handmade oils and hair care remedies laden with rich ingredients, packed with secret potions of prayers and love, with just the right amount of knowledge, technique and expertise.

Growing up, however, it becomes increasingly hard to reciprocate the same level of affection that we are showered with. We are so caught up in our individual lives that there isn’t enough time for visiting our grandmothers except on weekends or holidays. Weekly head massages turn into treats saved for holidays and rare occasions and somewhere between the stress of work, classes, building a career we forget to pause for moments and take care of ourselves.

To make things worse, the overwhelming use of market based products and readily available quick fixes mean that a lot of tradition, a lot of love is lost in the process. We, at Hair Matters, are aiming to revive it all. The old age remedies of our grandmothers, using the culturally rich ingredients they generously passed down to us. The love and tradition they packed in jars and recycled bottles. The memory of our grandmothers, Naanis and Daadis, always seated on a wooden takht, in the sunlit veranda at their house, oiling our hair every chance they got is what we’re trying to preserve. We know it’s hard to recreate childhood moments but we’re trying to preserve it for as long as we can and pass it on to the next generation, hoping that this form of love and care will not die soon.

Our products, are completely chemical free and purely natural, bottled with desi totkas handed down to us in our grandmothers’ legacies, and a whole lot of love.