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Our scalp massager is a handheld hair tool designed to massage the scalp on wet or dry hair. It features flexible silicone bristles that gently massage the scalp when pressure is applied. Scalp massagers have been designed to increase blood flow to the scalp, promoting hair growth and relieving stress. It is usually a great first-step in your hair routine and can be used on all everyone with all hair types.  Promotes Hair Growth There have long been anecdotal reports of scalp massages promoting hair growth. People claim that scalp massage has caused visible improvement in their hair length and health by increasing scalp wellness and removing some of the impediments to healthy, natural hair growth. Now there’s the science to back up these claims. In a 2016 study, regular scalp massages were confirmed to result in the growth of thicker hair. Participants massaged their scalps for about four minutes per day over a 24-week period, resulting in the growth of visibly thicker, stronger...
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This Oil Applicator has a capacity of up to 6ml, allowing you to accurately measure and apply any hair growth oil, hair tonic, hair serum, or any other liquid scalp formulation. Its rolling ball design and pressure release make sure that the oil is evenly dispensed on the scalp.  Benefits : · Massage and Relax. Helps promote blood circulation, relaxation and fatigue relief.  · Anti-loss function through continual use; reduce hair grease, strengthen hair root, and awaken new hair growth. · Efficient for Various Hair Problems. Hair loss, hairline retrusion, capillary crack widens, greasy hair, damaged hair, and more.  · Compared to traditional fingertips massage, this comb can help apply the solutions directly onto scalp, make the follicles absorb better, and keep the hand and fingers clean.

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